Music Mixologist ✪ 2009-current

Syrinx got his start as a live disc jockey during 1998, spinning tunes in the clubs of Cleveland, OH. Then in 2009, he would start up his radio career producing remixes and mixshows. He left the radio waves in 2015 but continued remixing for various artists. In 2017, he was signed to Tigersquawk Records, where most of his sounds are now released.

Scorch-your-kneecaps remix hotness!

Brian Graupner (dark_NES)

The Gothsicles

I like what you’re doing. It’s not cookie-cutter.

Daniel X. Belasco

Defence Mechanism

what kinda remix album would it be without Syrinx.. not one that I want.

Roxxi Wallace

Girlflesh / Isserley

You're a genius! We love it! I love the little vocal cuts and the drums are really awesome. Out of the park!

Ed Cripps Jr.


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