The Geeks Come Out At Night


Jun 10, 2009: THE GEEKS COME OUT AT NIGHT – Live call-in interview with Devo Spice and the great Luke Ski. We also talk about MARCon, pt. 1, featuring interviews from: Nick & Linda, Spooner from the 501st Ohio Garrison, and the Ohio Writers Network (Michelle Rasey, Linda Robertson, Laura Bickle, and Faith Van Horne).

Jun 17, 2009: MARCon pt. 2: Interviews with The Special Tactics and Rescue Service (Ohio Divisions), Z-Man, Dan/CONText, and the Ohio Writers Network.

Jun 24, 2009: HORROR MOVIES AND ZOMBIE WALKS – Members of Cut-Throat Entertainment came to the studio and discussed what it’s like to make a horror movie. Z-Man, dressed as Blade, also joined us and we all talked about our favorite slasher flicks. And we had an interview with Kurt, who ran the Columbus, OH Zombie Walk.

Jul 1, 2009: TRANSFORMERS AND ROBOTICS – Amanda (from Cut-Throat Entertainment), John (from The Ohio Ghostbusters), and Z-Man discuss A.I. in movies and in real life.

Jul 15, 2009: THE OHIO GHOSTBUSTERS AND DR. CREEP – John (“Dr. Peter Venkman”, The Ohio Ghostbusters) gives us updates on his group and shares the moments they have had with the movie cast. The show then leads into information about Dr. Creep, and the benefit that the OGB is putting on for him. There was also a contest to win The Real Ghostbusters complete season one DVD set.

Jul 22, 2009: THE MEN OF DEMENTIA MUSIC – Interviews with Seamonkey, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, and darkNES of The Gothsicles.

Aug 5. 2009: THE WOMEN OF DEMENTIA MUSIC – Interviews with Carrie Dahlby and Carla Ulbrich. Carla also performed live on the show.

Aug 12, 2009: CUT-THROAT ENTERTAINMENT – Their movie “Break” was getting ready to premier, so we invited them back to talk about it. They also gave advice and answered questions for people that wanted to get started in the film business.

Aug 19, 2009: LARRY BLAMIRE – The writer/director/actor of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra calls in and we talk about his movies, projects, and his favorite cult films. Syrinx also gets a special “RAWR” from Animalia (played by Larry’s wife, Jennifer Blaire), which causes him to melt on the air.

Aug 26, 2009: ROCK MUSIC – Michael Brandvold (former webmaster of, Jim (owner/builder of Strictly 7 Guitars), and Linda Robertson (author/rocker) join us to talk about the music that rocks. We also had a special interview and CD giveaway from the rock band ZO2.

Syrinx liked that NRRRadio was primarily a dance station, and that it also had shows that combined talk with different genres of music. As shows like The Wild World of Sex, Projeckt X, and The Throwdown were leaving the station, shows like Cafe Euphoria, Meltdown, and The Pulse were joining the lineup. The only talk/variety show that was still around was The Kode & Nyte Show/The Sunday Nyte Show. As a result, Syrinx decided to take hold of the mic and start up his own talk show called The Geeks Come Out At Night. The show took its name from an anthem of convention parties, a parody song recorded by Devo Spice and the great Luke Ski. Devo Spice graciously gave permission for the song to be used as the title and theme of the new show. The Geeks Come Out At Night was an open discussion among geeks interacting with the chatroom audience. Topics and guests changed for each week, and songs were incorporated that fit the shows’ themes.