The Fishnet Mafia

Syrinx was a performer in The Fishnet Mafia, which was The Rocky Horror Picture Show official shadowcast in Columbus, OH. His first show was on October 15, 2005, when he had played the part of The Criminologist. A year later, he auditioned for the part of Riff Raff, which he played until his last show in October 2011. During his time on stage, he had also made his way to the speakers, as he became the DJ of the cast. Every month was a different theme, so Syrinx would make a playlist or a megamix that would cater to each of the shows. Syrinx felt that the party should start as the audience was filling in to the theater. The music, later combined with slideshows, entertained them as the cast set up the stage.

“Technically, it’s the same movie every month, but we try to make the experience different, with improv comedy bits and music” said Syrinx, whose painted face and long leather coat seemed tame compared with the elegant evening gown worn by a middle-aged man. – The Columbus Dispatch, February 25, 2010

“We also do a pre-show where we pretty much host a dance party with music that caters to the night’s theme. We always try to emphasize a party atmosphere. The party should start when you walk through the door. It’s just boring to watch us run around and set up.” – Syrinx (Metromix Columbus, March 4, 2010)